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Do you ever find a cute sign while you’re out shopping but think to yourself, "That would be so much cuter if I could change a few things to make it more my style." Well, “hop” on over and check out this adorable DIY door hanger/sign by Kayla.

Kayla is able to transform a simple store-bought Easter sign and turn it into something that fits her sense of style. You can do this too. Just watch the video for the step-by-step process.

Supplies Needed to Make This Easter Sign (suggested locations for supplies):

I also love the rustic look Kayla gave her sign by using the milk chocolate acrylic paint around the edges of the sign; it certainly gives it more character.

I think this adorable “Hop” Easter sign is going to look great on my front door! I’m pretty sure no one will have a door hanger just like it since I’m going to put my own twist on it. 

Check out the video below for the full step-by-step process to make this Easter Sign.

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I hope you enjoy creating this Easter Sign!

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