Watch Kayla Create a State Sign for Kentucky ... Make One for Yourself



I love my “Old Kentucky Home." Kentucky is home to the UK Wildcats, “GO BIG BLUE!!!” 

Yes, I’m a proud Kentuckian, so why not create a state sign to “Celebrate” my love for my home state? Watch Kayla create a state sign for Kentucky from a simple store-bought sign. All you need is a few simple supplies, and you will be ready to create your own adorable sign!

Supplies Needed to Create a State Sign (suggested locations for supplies):

  • Kentucky metal cut out or a state of your choice (Find on Etsy)
  • Rectangle wooden sign (Dollar Tree)
  • Wooden “Blessed” word cut out (Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree)
  • Blue and white polka dot scrapbook paper (or your state's colors). Check out The Celebration Co.'s Polka Dot Sets.
  • Modge Podge
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gorilla glue
  • Nail file or sandpaper
  • Kentucky Blue paint (mix tropical blue, purple, and mountain blue acrylic paint) or your state’s colors. *
  • Q-tip
  • Small wooden heart
  • Pant scraper
  • Blue and white checkered bow (or your state's colors)

*Give DecoArt's Americana Paints a try. We are now a representative for the DecoArtist Program and can offer you a discount on orders over $30 when you order through DecoArt's website. You may use this coupon code (TCC23H1) twice before it expires.

Check out the video for the full step-by-step process to create a state sign.

How stinkin' CUTE is this Kentucky Sign by Kayla? I love the little metal cut-out of Kentucky, and the small wooden heart placed on it. Home is truly where the “heart is." 

I also love the big blue and white checkered bow; it just gives it a cute finishing touch. 

This sign would look perfect on my bookshelf in my living room. 

If you're not a Kentucky fan, you can modify the sign to represent your home state. You too can create a state sign.

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I hope you enjoyed watching Kayla Create This State Sign!

Always Remember to Celebrate
Be sure to watch this video tutorial.


love all your videos.



Victoria Schwentner

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