Adorable Watermelon Plate is a Great Addition to Your Summer Decor



Nothing is sweeter than a fresh, ripe watermelon on a warm sunny day! My kids absolutely love watermelon, and they can eat a lot of it! 

We just recently got back from a cruise, and I’m pretty sure they had some with each of their meals. 

Watermelon is sweet, refreshing, and just brings a smile to your face. 

Watch Kayla as she transforms a simple gold charger from the Dollar Tree into an adorable watermelon plate.

Supplies Needed to Make this Adorable Watermelon Plate (suggested locations for supplies):

I think the watermelon plate created by Kayla is just stunning! This plate would look great propped up in an easel and displayed in your home. You could also attach a hanger and place it on your front door to spruce it up for the season.

However you decide to display this adorable watermelon plate, it’s going to make quite a statement for your home.

Check out the video below for the full step-by-step process to make this adorable watermelon plate.

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I hope you enjoy creating this Adorable Watermelon Plate!

Always Remember to Celebrate

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