Easter is a Time of Renewal ... and a Great Time to Refresh Your Decor



This Easter weekend has been a whirlwind. Actually, the whole year has been a whirlwind. Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas?

I don’t know about you all, but I feel like I’m constantly chasing my tail. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I feel like I’m never caught up; I’m always behind. It’s 10 o’clock on Easter night and I’m just now writing a blog to share my Easter decor. I started writing a blog on Good Friday, ran out of time, didn’t get it finished, and now it’s too late to publish it. This is my life.

I’ve been trying so hard to get into a routine — a schedule — and, well, that’s not happened yet, BUT I live life to the fullest every single day. That much I know for sure… and it feels so good. I am behind, but every day I get to choose how I want to spend my time. I love that. It’s a gift — a blessing. I know what it’s like to have a full time job that dictates the way you spend your days. I thank God for giving me the life I'm living now. I thank him every day.

I certainly could be frustrated that I’m always behind, and, believe me, I do get frustrated, but as I sit here writing this, I can only be thankful. I may not get everything done, but I guess I get done what I’m supposed to, and that feels pretty good.

Easter Decor

Truthfully, I’ve had most of my Easter decor up for a while, but I had a few other things that I wanted to complete and just haven’t had the chance. Like these baskets sitting on my hearth … I was planning to do some sort of arrangement in them with some of these random pieces you see, but...... It’s been like this for a minute. All of this stuff sitting on my hearth has been waiting for me to apply some “Cindy” magic to it, but here it is, Easter night, and it’s still sitting there, in a tussled mess.

And these flowers … aren’t they pretty? Do you know they all came from Dollar Tree? I love them and I will definitely use them for something, but not for Easter 2022. The can they are in holds our fireplace tools! LOL! I just stuck them in there to keep them intact and there they still remain.

I have good intentions; I really do, but somehow some things just don’t get done. But you know, that’s okay. Truth be told, we spend way too much time doing things that really don’t matter. The incomplete basket on my hearth didn’t keep Easter from coming, and even if it was complete, it would add nothing to the meaning of Easter. It’s just stuff — that’s it.

The bunny you see on the left of the mantle, standing at attention, holding a baby chick, was my inspiration for my Easter decor. I got him at Home Goods. He practically hopped right off the shelf into my basket. (Wink-wink!) I had to have him. I loved the colors in the bow and on his head. Side note: This may be a girl; I'm really not sure. The bow tie and the headpiece have me really confused. LOL!

My mantle is one of my favorite things to decorate, be it for a holiday, or for my everyday decor. I love to put things together. I mess with it and mess with it until I have it just right. I put things up there, take things away, stand back and look at them, ponder on them for a day or two, and then I may make some more changes. It’s a process, but it’s one I love.

What I ended up with, I love. It’s added a spring-like feel to our home. With all the dreary days we've had lately, my Easter decor has truly brightened our home.

Then came the heart pillow and the yellow floral pillow. When I saw the heart pillow, I went crazy for it. Nothing would do but find a complimentary pillow and blankets. My whole Easter decor plan was set in motion by these items. They all came from Home Goods. Home Goods had so many cute Easter items this season. They made it very difficult for me to have self-control… like really difficult.

The “mama” bunny with a basket of baby bunnies on her back was found on a later shopping trip to Marshalls or T.J. Maxx (I can’t remember which one). It's another “I had to have it” find. I mean look at her -- she matches the other bunny. They are both made from the same material. I had to have her. I had to. 

Easter Decor
Easter Decor

The “blessed” sign was sent to us by a follower. It coordinated so well with everything. I've had the window for quite some time and I use it a lot on my mantle. I love to layer other items with it. The “home” sign, the floral heart, and the felt garland were actually Valentine items, but they worked perfectly with my colors and concept. 

I also love birds. I've been using these in my bedroom. There's nothing that says you can't use items from other parts of your house.

My other favorite place to decorate is my foyer. I don’t have a super big foyer, but it allows me enough room to play. It also changes with the holidays or when I get a hankering for a new look.

The mama bunny with her two kids is another piece “I had to have!” I immediately fell in love with this piece. For one, it’s a depiction of me with my two babies. I love the colors of it. I love that they are walking in the rain while holding on to each other. It speaks of love and togetherness. It’s family. It’s my heart. It also came from Marshalls or T.J. Maxx. The gnome right behind it is one that Kayla made. You can see the tutorial here. The idea for this gnome would apply to any holiday or season.

The gnome sitting on the floor is another "Kayla" creation. Be sure to check it out too.

Easter Decor
Easter Decor

My little bunny “hutch” I created out of the drawer of the table turned out so cute. The three little bunnies came from Hobby Lobby. I love how they are peaking out of the drawer. Aren’t they cute?

I just had fun with this whole space, from the wall to the floor. I utilized all the space I had. It makes for a homey look as soon as you walk in the door and if you’re standing outside the door and you peak in the window, this is what you see.

Pretty much everything came from Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, or Hobby Lobby. The big candle stick is from Anything Goes Trading Co. in Boaz, Ky. It makes a huge statement.

My other favorites are the bunny picture and the two baskets I put together. The picture came from Hobby Lobby. I loved the colors. The spring flowers spoke to me.

I don’t have a tiered tray, believe it or not, so I created the two baskets that are similar to what I would do if I were decorating a tiered tray. I just took random decor pieces and stuck them in the two baskets — one metal and one wicker. The wicker basket is actually a tiny picnic basket I found at a local Peddler’s Mall.

I definitely had fun decorating for Easter, even if I didn’t finish everything. I can’t believe it’s now time to take it all down.

What will I do next?

Happy Crafting,

I hope you enjoyed my Easter Decor!

Always Remember to Celebrate

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