The 2022 Celebration in the Bluegrass Meet and Greet was Truly Epic!



We had a blast at our first meet-and-greet! It was everything we hoped it would be and more because of the 14 beautiful women that came. They made “The Celebration in the Bluegrass” truly EPIC!

We had women come from all across the United States … Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin.

The sacrifice these ladies made to get here did not go unnoticed. We are so grateful to them for their willingness to step outside their comfort zones and spend time with women they had never met. Some of these ladies traveled by themselves; our new friend from Utah drove the entire way all by herself (Go Dawn!!)! That is some serious dedication, folks. We are eternally grateful to each and every one of these beautiful souls for coming to the Celebration in the Bluegrass. You know who you are! Thank you.

Let me fill you in on all the juicy details. We took great pride in this event. It had to be over-the-top and those that came had to be spoiled. We wanted it to be epic … and it was!

When we began planning this event, one thing was crystal clear — we wanted to show off the very best parts of the Bluegrass State. It was very important to us that we adequately showcase what makes our hometown unique, special, and why we love it so very much.

With just one look, we knew immediately “Top Shelf” was the perfect place to host our first event.

“Top Shelf,” an Air BnB located in the heart of the Lexington Distillery District, above the 90-year-old James E. Pepper Bourbon Distillery and Goodfellas Pizzeria, became our home for four days and three nights. It has beautiful architecture, fabulous decor that pulled together all things Kentucky (Bourbon, distilleries, and horses), and has a comfortable vibe to top it off. It is a one-of-a-kind venue and it was perfect for hosting our one-of-a-kind followers and our 1st-ever Celebration in the Bluegrass. We could not have been happier with it.

Celebration in the Bluegrass 2022

Another huge part of the weekend was the food. No one left hungry. Everyone was well fed. We chose some of our favorite local foods to serve to our Celebration in the Bluegrass guests. I wish you could taste and smell the food in these pictures. It was all so good.

We wanted to provide some of the best food in the Bluegrass. We had food from Malone’s, Drake’s, Goodfellas Pizzeria, Spalding’s Bakery, Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream, and Missy’s Pies.

We ended the weekend with smoked pork and chicken prepared by mine and Kayla's husbands, Troy and Andrew.

Celebration in the Bluegrass 2022

It was a huge hit. We also had Southern-style green beans with pieces of bacon and onion for seasoning, and homemade cole slaw. My mother made potato salad which is one of Kayla’s favorite things. My sister’s pasta salad is a family staple so we had to have that as well. All of this, along with a large glass of sweet tea, made for a perfect Kentucky meal.

If the venue, the gifts, and the food weren’t enough, we also made three crafts together, played lots of games, gave away some amazing prizes, had two heart-felt devotions, and spent plenty of time getting to know each other.

Celebration in the Bluegrass 2022

It was an amazing weekend and Kayla and I are truly humbled by the whole experience. Words cannot express how truly grateful we are. It was everything we could have hoped for the Celebration in the Bluegrass and so much more. We can't wait to do it again.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ....

Thank you to each person who made the Celebration in the Bluegrass possible. We especially thank Tricia and Amanda for all their hard work in helping us grow The Celebration Co. They work side-by-side with Kayla and I on a daily basis and do so with joy in their hearts. We appreciate their dedication, loyalty, sacrifice, and willingness to serve (sometimes without pay). They truly are the best and we love them.

Our husbands, Troy and Andrew … we could not have done it without them. They listened to all our ideas. They helped us process and come up with workable solutions and plans. They cooked; they carried; they entertained our guests’ husbands; they climbed the steps over and over again. Most of all, they have encouraged us and supported us throughout this entire journey. They are the best!

This event took many hands and feet. We had an amazing group of people who stepped up and stepped in wherever they were needed. In addition to Tricia and Amanda and our husbands, Adam, Jennie, Katie, Lori, and Patti were willing to do whatever was needed … carry loads up and down the steps, serve our guests, prepare food, make cookies, refill cups. They cleaned up after us, swept the floors, washed the dishes, organized crafts… whatever we needed, they did it, and for that we are truly grateful.

And last but not least, thank you to our guests — 14 of our amazing followers — who made the trip …. Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us so much that you were willing to drive across the country to spend time with us. Words could never express how much your sacrifice means to us. I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again, we are blessed with the best. Our followers truly are the best of any group in the Cyber Space world. Thank you … Annie, Cassandra, Dawn, Dora, Debra, Diane, Evelyn, Hollie, Jackie, Lisa, Lora, Missy, Terry, and Tina. To Jennifer and Susan, you were missed!

Happy Crafting!


Celebration in the Bluegrass 2022
Celebration in the Bluegrass 2022

The 1st Annual Celebration in the Bluegrass was a Ton of Fun and Far Exceeded Our Expecations! It was a Blast!!

Always Remember to Celebrate

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