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DIY Dollar Tree Teacher Christmas Gift Idea (Template)

DIY Dollar Tree Teacher Christmas Gift Idea (Template)

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Teacher gifts can be super tricky, am I right? I've heard that teachers get way too many mugs and cups, so I was determined to figure something out that didn't involve either.

I love the thought of a hot chocolate kit, especially with the hot chocolate bombs. So, I packaged up the most adorable kit! This way they can dispose of the packaging and they don't have a mug to store. Who wouldn't be super excited to get this as a gift?

Be sure to check out the replay here.

Add to your bag and place your order. You will receive an email with a template of the gift tag for you to print out on your own printer, and then add to your package.

Please note: This gift was created in 2021. The exact supplies used may no longer be available. Use your imagination and find similar supplies to use instead.


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