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Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Twisted Crusty Football

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Twisted Crusty Football

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Buffalo chicken dip has gotten so popular; it is almost always at every party you go to. I personally love it. Y'all know I love spicy food, but I also love buffalo-flavored stuff. So I think it is the, and if you love buffalo-flavored food, then you are definitely going to love this recipe.

You can choose different dough for the crust. I chose to use pie dough which was flaky, browned, and buttery; however, if you want more of a bread-like texture, use pizza dough. You could also use crescent roll dough -- whatever your heart desires -- just shape it into a football shape.

You could even use this same premise and stuff the dough with whatever you are feeling. You could make this sweet and do cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Yum!

Decorate the top with ranch, sour cream, or if you're doing a sweet dessert, use frosting. You can draw the football laces on the top which really takes it over the edge; this will really make a statement when you roll into that party.

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