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Precision Craft Cutter

Precision Craft Cutter

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Make perfectly clean cuts with this craft cutting tool. The diagonal design and high quality blades allow this cutter to make a clean, precise cut every time. Perfect for removing the shank ( loop ) from the back of buttons. And did we tell's PINK!!!


Holding the button in your left hand, put the cutting edge flat against the back of the button you want to remove the shank from. With the Precision Craft Cutter held in place with your right hand, put your left thumb over the button shank. Firmly squeeze the button shank remover tool around the shank of the button.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathy Franks
precision craft cutter.

I love these. They do everything you say they will do. I would also like to say I have been watching you for about 2 1/2 years and I just love everyone on the show and love your crafts. I don't get to watch you live but I watch the replay every night. I'm not a big crafter but I love to watch you craft. I am in Hopewell, Va. and I just wanted you to know I am one of your biggest fans. Thank you for everything you do and for that great downhome atmosphere I feel when I watch you.

Lisa Bamberg
Craft Cutter

I’ve already used mine and they are awesome!!

Jackie Woodward
Craft cutters

Work like a charm! We had our monthly craft night last week and some of the girls made gingerbread men that needed buttons. I gave them the cutters to take the shank off the back of some of th button. The buttons laid flat against the wood. Take a peek.