Learn to Make an Adorable Beaded Tassel Garland for Your Easter Decor



Celebrate Easter with this fun and easy DIY project! Make a beaded tassel garland in any color to match your decor.

Follow this super easy DIY tutorial and you’ll have your very own Easter Bunny Tassel in no time at all.

Supplies Needed to Make This Tasseled Easter Garland (suggested locations for supplies):

  • Wood Beads
  • Paint (you choose your colors ) - Or you can use Kayla’s choices: (Artichoke Heart Green (Anita’s); custom blue with these: Morning Blue (Anita’s), Robin’s Egg Blue (Anita’s), Navy Blue (any brand), and White (any brand); custom peachy/pink with these: Cameo Pink (Apple Barrel), Pastel Rose (Anita’s), Orange (any brand), and White (any brand)
  • Water
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Jute
  • Wood Bunny Cut-out (Hobby Lobby)
  • Scrapbook Paper (Pick your own or use Kayla’s)
  • Mod-Podge
  • Paint Brush or Sponge
  • Finger Nail File or Gator Sander
Beaded Tassel Garland
Beaded Tassel Garland

Quick Synopsis:
Paint your beads (Kayla used a total of 20 beads, divided them into groups of five, and applied paint to three of the groups; she left one set natural).

Painting the beads is super easy. All you have to do is mix your paint with a little water in a cup, drop the beads into the mixture and swirl them around until they are coated well. Allow them to dry on a paper towel or dry them with a heat gun. If you air dry, you’ll want to rotate them periodically so they don’t stick to your surface.

Mod-Podge your scrapbook paper to the bunny cut-out. Cut the excess paper off with scissors and then use a fingernail file to remove any remaining paper. You’ll want to cover both sides of the bunny.

To make the tassel, rip fabric into 1/2” wide strips. It’s okay if they are not exactly the same. You won’t notice that at all. You can also use ribbon if you prefer. It’s totally up to you. This is your design; make it the way you like it. Use multiple colors to add texture to the tassel.

Once you have all your strips, cut each of them into 9” to 10” pieces. You’ll cut them double the length you want your tassel to be. When folded in half, the hanging tassel will be 4.5” to 5” in length. You can always trim them at the end of the project if you think the tassel is too long.

Grab your jute and tie multiple knots into one end of the jute. Slide a small bead onto the jute and rest it on the knot. Slide the other end of the jute into a large needle. Insert the needle into the center of each fabric strip, one at a time, and slide it down the jute until it rests on the bead. Repeat this with each strip of fabric, rotating the strips all around the bead. You don’t want the ends to be on top of the strip immediately below. You want the strips to go around the bead like the hands of a clock rotate.

After all the strips are in place, pull the strips around the base of the bead, and wrap a rubber band around the tassel to hold the ends in place. You can then cover the rubber band by wrapping jute around it, or cover it with a piece of ribbon or fabric.

Take your painted beads and slide them onto the jute down towards the tassel. Be sure to alternate the colors. If you leave the needle attached to the jute, it makes sliding the beads on so much easier.

Once all the beads are in place, you can attach your bunny cut-out to the other end. If there’s not a hole already in the cut-out to thread your jute through, you’ll need to add one.

To give your tassel a finishing touch, a small bow would be super cute on the front and back of the bunny ear.

Check out the video tutorial here.

There you have it… A super cute beaded tassel to add to a tiered tray, a basket, a hook, or any other decor setting you have.

Have fun! That’s what crafting is all about. Take your time, enjoy yourself, and then delight in what you’ve created.

Happy Crafting,

Beaded Tassel Garland

I hope you enjoy creating this Beaded Tassel Garland

Always Remember to Celebrate

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